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At Petit Imáge – Los Angeles, we custom-design your shoot with our branded style of relaxed subjects, natural poses, minimal backdrops and lots of movement! For the *non-refundable minimum purchase price of $500, you will receive one (1) in-person Pre-Production meeting, in addition to your Spread:

Pre-Production. You will receive one thirty minute (30) in-home consultation, which includes location scouting (that will determine which areas of the home best serve as backdrop) for your Spread.  Your meeting will also include set-design, creative direction (and a handful of test shots), to achieve the perfect Editorial (think Vanity Fair, “at home with…”).

Secondly, You will receive wardrobe consultation, with the purpose of creating a seamless shoot. Selecting the right looks will reduce any ‘noise’ as a result of wardrobe selections that may conflict with your background, and vice versa.

Day of Shoot. Our shoots typically take about 2 1/2 hours from set-up, to completion. We will capture upwards of 500 images during your shoot. Young children are encouraged to have snacks, breaks, and play time to keep them relaxed and happy (no wardrobe changes please).  Background music is highly encouraged.

Post-Production. The “Top 100” best images are selected by our staff.  Watermarked images of the “Top 100” will be sent to you, by way of our password-protected Online Gallery.  There, you may select images you'd like to have re-touched/ developed.  You may also forward this link to friends and family as they are welcome to contact us, to place orders of their own.

Forfeitures. Our *non-refundable $500 minimum purchase price confirms and books your pre-production meeting, as well as your shoot.  Note: Any and all back-end fees (in addition to the minimum purchase price) will be due 48 hr. prior to shoot.  Failure to remit all remaining fees (at least 48 hr. prior to your scheduled shoot) will automatically Cancel your session, and Forfeit the $500 minimum purchase price.

Please note, Digital Files are *not included with the minimum session fee. Additional fees will apply to digital files/ prints/ framing/ albums etc.  Give us a call at 310-980-2183, we'd love to talk to you and schedule your in-home consultation today.

Playdate Session/ Mini Shoot
– On Location $500 min. Weekday / $650 Weekend

Homework/ Dinner Session
– On Location $650 min. Weekday / $800 Weekend

Family/Kids Session
– On Location $800 min. Weekday / $950 Weekend

Fun w/ Dad Session (Weekend-fun shoots including, but not limited to, Boating, Surfing, Golfing, Beach play etc.)
– On Location $950 min. Weekday / $1100 Weekend

Mommy and Me Session
– On Location $950 min. Weekday / $1100 Weekend

Holiday Sessions
Holiday Session (not including Christmas and Thanksgiving (ask about separate pricing)
– On Location $1100 min.Weekday / $1250 Weekend

*Sessions fees include immediate family (two parents, their children, pet and grandparents). Additional fees apply for lager groups.

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