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Lifestyle. Art Direction. Editorials.

Radical Family Photographie.


About Petit Imáge – Los Angeles

DeeDee Wright, Creative Director/ Owner

DeeDee (an LA native) began shooting images for her blog Mon Petit +1 back in 2012 (and later DeeDeeWright.com in 2014) after working 10 + years in the music industry for companies such as CAA, MTV and Universal Music Group.

“I was a retired professional, turned ‘work-from-home-mom’, as a consultant for my husband’s contemporary womens label (before becoming co-creative director in 2012, for a stint). Working from home, I initially started my style blog as a hobby.”

Having worked with a handful of very talented (but extremely ‘commercial’) local photographers, DeeDee became increasingly frustrated with the lack of emphasis on mood, movement, composition, creative direction and Style.

“I began shooting self-portraits and ‘outfit’ shots from home.  This lead to me shooting ‘interiors’ of my home (a mid century modern tucked away in Pacific Palisades).  …which naturally progressed to me shooting my Son (his friends), as well as all of our family photographs.”

Inspired by Vanity Fair editorials, DeeDee’s approach to shooting her husband (a clothing designer) and 5 y.o. Son (a Kindergartener), was with the mindset of capturing a ‘story’.  Moments.  To shoot family ‘Spreads’.

Movement is everything!  Any home (with children) can only best be described as ALIVE!  And family photos, for me, should feel like ‘a day in a life’ (not a Sears portrait session).  This is our approach when we visit your home.  We come to capture the natural beauty (the nuances) of family life.”

…a child’s upward gaze.  …conversation with one’s husband (or partner), over wine.  Kids’ creative play.  …cooking.  …playdates!

“To visit one’s home, is to experience art in its truest form.  Life.  …you can’t (simply) ‘pose’ Life, and suggest it ‘say cheese’.” -DeeDee Wright


Petit Imáge – Los Angeles.

Lifestyle. Art Direction. Editorials.


Radical family photographie.


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